Life with braces

Immediately after putting the fixed braces, there is going to be some discomfort (irritation) on the inside of the lips/cheek, for the next day or two.

To avoid the initial discomfort, a piece of wet cotton can be put between the braces and the lips/cheeks. It is advised that you go to sleep for the first two nights with a piece of wet cotton between the lips/cheek and the braces.

If you get cuts/sore areas on the inside of your lips or cheeks you are advised to put the gel prescribed, on a piece of cotton and leave that piece of cotton between the braces and the lips/cheeks, wherever it is hurting you. Before having meals, you can throw that piece of cotton and replace it with a new one after your meal.

If only one or two particular area is hurting, you can put the wax provided.

If a new wire has been put, or the old wire is tightened, you might experience some pain for the next 2-3 days on your teeth and gums, during which taking the painkillers regularly, as advised, will take care of the discomfort. Please note that the gel won't be of any help if your teeth are paining.

You have to brush after every meal as instructed, making sure that your gum, teeth and braces are thoroughly cleaned. If you do it properly, it will take you about four to six minutes to do so.

Eating anything that is hard or sticky is strictly prohibited. It includes chocolates, chewing gums, bubble gums, éclairs, banana chips, popcorn, and many more.

Do not bite into anything with your front teeth. You can have pizza or apple, but cut it into small pieces and chew with your back teeth.

The only thing that touches your braces is your lips/cheeks, the food you eat and the toothbrush. If things get stuck around your braces, remove it with a toothbrush. There is no need to touch the braces with your finger, tongue, toothpick, pencil or any other thing.

Please take extra care of the appliance if you enjoy playing cricket, football, hockey, basketball, rugby or any other contact sports.

In your own interest,all instructions given by the Orthodontist must be strictly followed. "Breaking the rules" will not just prolong your treatment time, it will surely make a bigger hole in your pocket. In case of any mishap, it must be reported immediately.


It is understood that studies & career are important for all. However, if you’re committed for your orthodontic treatment, it is expected of you, to be on time for all your appointments. The staff and doctors at the Orthodontic Office will accommodate you as far as possible. However, it would be appreciated if you reschedule your classes / work, whenever it’s not possible at their end !